Deco Full House Remodel


Style: Deco
Building Type: Condo – 2 Units
Year Built: 1930
Sq. Ft.: 1,700
Location: Inner Richmond


This 1930 single story flat maintained all of its Art Deco era detail, including amazing plaster moldings, beautiful bathrooms, and a kitchen with many original details.

The kitchen features a built-in ice box that was an exotic feature back in the day but was not useful in today’s world.

The homeowner struggled with how to preserve the period style and architectural details, all the while incorporating features for today’s modern living.


The homeowner and Team Centoni talked through desires and needs, collaborating on the remodel, so the space remained of the era but was optimized for today’s living.

Floor Plan Overhaul:

  • A master suite was created out of repurposing an overly large laundry room into a private hideaway with a luxurious bathroom and a walk-in closet.
  • The kitchen, a central space in the home, benefited from an additional 3 feet of space also borrowed from the original laundry room.  A wall opening was created into the breakfast room, mimicking archways and trim details found in the main living space of the home.
  • The guest bathroom “coffin” shower was removed and replaced with an in-room toilet, so the adjacent powder room could now serve as the home’s laundry facility.
  • The floor plan of the home now boasts two bedrooms, a master suite, in-unit laundry, and an additional full bathroom.

Upgraded all utilities:

  • The electrical panel was upgraded to support today’s demanding electrical requirements, as well as centralized audio/visual system.  The plumbing system went under a considerable upgrade to support the new kitchen, two new bathrooms, and new laundry facility.

Replicated and Restored Historical details:

  • To ensure continuity throughout the flat, the Art Deco doors, windows, moldings, and trims (door casings, baseboards, picture rails) were custom-milled.
  • The original privacy glass was sourced to keep historical feel in the doors and windows.
  • The vanity mirror in the guest bathroom was restored, and a new one was built to place in the master bathroom to match.

Contemporary Lighting and Appliances:

  • Ultra-modern light fixtures were selected to complement the period details.