Northern Panhandle historic Queen Ann Victorian restoration project by Centoni

Queen Ann Victorian Full Flat Renovation

Northern Panhandle historic Queen Ann Victorian restoration project by Centoni

Architectural Style: Queen Ann Victorian
Building Type: 2-Unit Condo
Location: NoPA, San Francisco, CA
Year Built: 1902 | Sq.Ft. 2,000


Having lived in this gorgeous Queen Ann Victorian flat in NoPa District for nearly 15 years, our clients were eager for a better floor plan and atmosphere to meet their needs. They were reluctant to sell and lose their cherished community, family home, and existing tax base. Choosing to retain the historic residence, Centoni was invited to remodel the 1902 townhome and design the ideal living experience. The primary goals included returning the property to its original architectural roots, as much as possible, while modernizing the layout for efficiency and improving the structural integrity.



Renovating this historic home required a collaboration of Centoni’s top artisans, engineers, and designers to upgrade the infrastructure of the entire property, improve the floor plan, open the space, and restore original Victorian architectural elements.

A significant budget was dedicated to upgrading the infrastructure. Like many historic San Francisco homes, this property required structural and system improvements in addition to aesthetic elements. All of the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC components were upgraded. Rigorous steps were taken to insulate the exterior and interior walls and ceilings from the thermal and sound. All gas appliances, except the cooktop, were removed and replaced with energy-efficient appliances. The plumbing was upgraded with all-new copper piping, and plenty of seismic work was performed to improve the overall structure of the building.

The traditional double-parlor Victorian floor plan with the railroad-style center corridor was reconfigured to separate private and social areas – making for a comfortable entertaining and work-from-home environment. An additional ensuite bathroom was developed by converting a large walk-in closet. The floor plan now comfortably accommodates a family of four.

Restoration and the recreation of historically accurate elements can be seen throughout the home. Highly skilled craftsmen ensured every door was authentically fabricated to match the originals. Historical replicas of door knobs, hinges, wainscotting, bead board, and plaster medallions were also carefully crafted to match. While a slight departure from the historic tongue and groove flooring, the white oak hardwood floor was hand laid in a herringbone pattern to mirror the sophistication of the flat. The kitchen features Quartzite natural stone, a more durable solution than marble, with a great, natural feel. Handmade recycled tile from Fireclay is also found throughout the home, and many historic fixtures are from Charleston Hardware.

It’s always a pleasure to bring clients the beautiful carpentry they know and love, plus the infrastructure underneath those fine finishes that make a historic home comfortable and safe for many years to come.

Featured Products: Fireclay Tile, Fox Marble, Charleston Hardware

Architectural Insight & Neighborhood History

In the late 1960s, many grand Victorian homes in the Northern Panhandle (NoPa) and Haight neighborhoods were divided into multi-unit and desperate apartments, partly due to the counter-culture movement in San Francisco. Corners were often cut when it came to wall removal and renovations, impacting the structural integrity of historic buildings throughout the years. However, in the late 1980s to 1990s, an appreciation of the NoPa District began to grow in popularity, and people were interested in bringing the old homes back to their original glory.

Today the NoPa is viewed as one of San Francisco’s most desirable neighborhoods, with a delightful central corridor full of trendy shops and restaurants. As the neighborhood continues to thrive, Centoni is honored to take a leading role in preserving and restoring these Historic homes. Centoni specializes in restoring and replicating the craftsmanship people love and value, ensuring San Francisco’s iconic architecture will dazzle the city streets for another century.

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