Historic Stick-Style Victorian


Style: Victorian, Stick-Style
Builder: Cranston and Keenan
Building Type: Single-Family Residence
Year Built: 1890
Sq. Ft.: 2,500
Location: Haight, San Francisco, CA

Front exterior view of a historic San Francisco Victorian home restored by Centoni


This spectacular Victorian was built in 1890 for Joseph Budde, an inventor, patent holder, and major manufacturer of the flush toilet. Through its more than 130-year life, this home evolved with the many incarnations of the Haight District. The most significant was the street modification that made way for the Haight Street railway line in the early 1920s. At that time, streets and sidewalks widened causing the straight-line, two-story staircase to literally take a turn.

In the 1920s, stucco and terrazzo were considered modern and low-maintenance materials, and were often used to replace the handmade residential carpentry that would have graced this spectacular staircase. Sometime during the 1990s the full entry door assembly was removed and replaced with another “modern” solution.

Our clients challenged Centoni to recreate the original staircase and entry.


Through a partnership with local artisans and support from San Francisco Historical Planners, team Centoni sourced information from the public library that included original photographs, writings on Cranston and Keenan, and the history of the Haight. Though no specific photo has yet to be sourced, we are confident the design choices made are in the spirit of the original and are based on remnants of the original porch discovered under the 1920’s stucco.

Through this journey, the staircase foundation was reengineered, the staircase designed and built, the original entry doors recreated, the stained glass transom created (including replication of the original hand-painted bird-theme rondels, many rotted decorated elements hand-carved, new and historic lighting installed, and a new iron handrail designed and fabricated.

“Gina and her team did an amazing job on my 1890s Victorian. The project required an incredible amount of craftsmanship and attention to detail to keep this Victorian looking original. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and Gina was a pleasure to work with. She kept me updated and in the loop the entire time, and I never felt as though I was missing something or had to follow up. This was the best experience I have had with a contractor to date. I would highly recommend her.”

– John Clarke Mills