Historic Victorian Landmark


Style: Victorian, Historic Landmark 190, Charles Hinkle House
Building Type: Single-Family Residential
Year Built: 1883
Sq. Ft.: 6,000
Location: Haight, San Francisco, CA


Mr. Hinkle, a San Francisco real estate developer, built the Charles Hinkle House for his family, circa 1883. Over its nearly 135 years, the house sustained earthquakes, a variety of remodels and periodic “upgrades”, though remarkably remained largely original to its single family residential design.

The current owners have loving maintained and restored portions of the house, though understood that major renovation would be required for the Charles Hinkle House to live an additional 135 years.


Partnering with the owners, Centoni designed and developed a master plan for an interior and exterior renovation that included a foundation replacement, full utility replacement (electrical, plumbing, sewer, HVAC, AV), a seismic upgrade to the structure, as well as a remodel of 5 bathrooms, two kitchens (interior and exterior) and a full exterior hardscape.

Finely detailed restorations of original hardware components were also completed – exterior ironwork, interior door hardware and lighting.