Luxury Spa Bathroom


Architectural Style: Historic Victorian
Building Type: Single-Family Residential
Location: Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA
Year Built: 1900 | Sq.Ft. 8,000


True to San Francisco’s history of incubating trailblazers and entrepreneurs, this 1900 Pacific Heights home served as headquarters to some of the country’s most notable figures. Like many San Francisco homes, it has evolved to serve many families, including the original spice trading builders to an Academy Award-winning film director/producer/screenwriter and a revered fashion designer. Our client’s primary goal was to re-envision a one-of-a-kind room with a view, within this iconic and historic Victorian home, into a luxury spa.  


Our client turned to Centoni for our deep knowledge of historic properties and our vast understanding of residential design and engineering to convert this spectacular home’s 12-foot diameter 4th-floor turret into a lux steam shower and spa. Structural steel was engineered to create an uninterrupted opening to the turret from the main bathroom. Sophisticated waterproofing, ventilation, and heating solutions were also engineered to ensure the view was not interrupted, no matter how much steam was generated.

For design inspiration, we borrowed the opulent experience of ancient Roman bathing complexes to create a truly luxurious environment. Hand-cut mosaic tile from Italy and brilliant white Thassos marble add a refined and formal touch to the space, while dark cabinetry provides a contemporary touch. The hand-hammered steel sink basins replicate ancient singing bowls’ calm and meditative experience.

At the same time, dimmable lights allow the rare opportunity to shower by the City’s light. On the shower floor, a compass rose pointing true north with 24-karat French fleur-de-lys tiles symbolizes the importance of following the right path and our client’s desire for meditative balance. The space is both unique and meaningful. Centoni created the ideal retreat for anyone who longs for a calm, quiet bathing experience with stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the Palace of Fine Art, Alcatraz, the Presidio, and beyond.