Dining room and kitchen

Victorian Townhouse

Dining room and kitchen

Style: Queen Ann Victorian
Building Type: 2-Unit Condo
Year Built: 1900
Sq. Ft.: 2,700
Location: NoPA, San Francisco, CA


Improve the poorly modified original floor plan of the main living space of the home, including the kitchen, living room and dining room.

Repair the structurally compromised and deficient framing.


This lovely 2-story town home suffered the effects of more than 120 years of “remuddling” and “modernization” through significant modification of the structural framing. With a large section of a load-bearing wall removed, as well as shear walls, the full 3-story building was structurally compromised.

The program included installation of a steel beam and structural reframing, beginning at the ground floor, and through to the 3rd floor living space.

The new structural design allowed for a significantly improved living space. The kitchen was relocated and expanded, as was the living room and dining room.

Several upgrades were made to the home, including the incorporation of all-electrical appliances. The 1900 Victorian now boasts several eco-friendly and energy efficient features.