Arts & Crafts Flat Reversal

Style: Arts & Crafts
Building Type: Condo – 2 Units
Year Built: 1900
Sq. Ft.: 1,600
Location: Cole Valley


This classic 1909 San Francisco flat maintained its original floor plan with double parlors and social spaces distributed among sleeping quarters. Even with 1,600 square feet of living space, the owners’ growing family needed a better layout and wanted to explore options to expand in place.

Team Centoni’s challenge was to deliver three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an expanded and modernized kitchen, dining room, and living room within the existing building in addition to returning the property’s original carpentry finishes while supporting modern building codes and contemporary styles.


In collaboration with the family, Team Centoni designed and built a living space that met all the project goals.

The home’s floor plan was reversed, which enabled us to improve the flow of the living space. An open space social area was designed, along with a large kitchen with a seating peninsula that opened to a formal dining room and a large living room. Those rooms overlooked a back yard that boasted a lush landscape.

Sleeping quarters were moved to the front of the flat, replacing the original double-parlors.

Improved Floor Plan

  • Devised open plan social space
  • Separated social and sleeping areas
  • Added a third bedroom
  • Added storage

 Improved Overall Infrastructure

  • Complete electrical upgrade
  • Thermal insulation

 Modern Functionality

  • Added storage space
  • Open kitchen design
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • Restored windows to add privacy and improve
  • Contemporary and energy efficient lighting

 Historical Restoration

  • Custom-made doors to match existing
  • Install custom-matched moldings and cove ceilings
  • sourced and install historically-accurate door hardware
  • custom-built original fireplace cabinets, previously removed
  • Restored dining room