Italianate Victorian Kitchen & Bath


Architectural Style:  Italianate Victorian
Building Type: Single-Family Residential
Location: Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA
Year Built: 1900 | Sq.Ft. 3,000


Nearly every room of this lovely Noe Valley home had been thoughtfully expanded and remodeled through its 120 years, short of the kitchen. Our clients wanted to remove the barrier between the kitchen and the family room and increase the space’s usability and storage for their growing family.

The kitchen design included modification to a load-bearing wall, which allowed for the seamless integration of the family room into the kitchen and the addition of seating at the peninsula. We changed the layout considerably by incorporating the classic “triangle” (sink, range, and refrigerator), allowing for more efficient use of space. The unique and excellent choice of color in the kitchen makes it a classic – providing form and function that will be fashionable for generations to come.


Years after completing the phenomenal kitchen project, our clients, the owners of this exceptional Victorian Italianate home, reached out for our expertise on an additional project, a one-of-a-kind underneath-the-steps bathroom! Our client’s primary goal was to have us create a fun, sophisticated bathroom in this quirky yet cool space.

Using the unique shape of the bathroom to inspire our design, we carefully chose the perfect blend of tile, wood, and organic patterns to compose a breathtakingly fresh and timeless design for this fantastic full bath. With such a small space, we knew right away that we wanted to make the room feel larger, so we created a complex tile layout for the floor to provide a sense of motion and a spectacular vertical tile design for the walls. Beautiful high-end granite was thoughtfully selected for the countertop, as the unique piece of stone combined with the natural shape and warmth of granite brings the room together and softens the overall view. To ensure the bath stays looking good, we built a niche into the pony wall to keep toiletries out of sight, plus we selected a darker color grout that enhances the tile pattern while making the bathroom low maintenance.

Lighting by Rejuvenation. Tile by Ceramic Tile Design. Granite by Fox Marble