Victorian Townhouse

Centoni Whole House

Style: Queen Ann Victorian Building Type: 2-Unit Condo Year Built: 1900 Sq. Ft.: 2,700 Location: NoPA, San Francisco, CA CLIENT GOALS Improve the poorly modified original floor plan of the main living space of the home, including the kitchen, living room and dining room. Repair the structurally compromised and deficient framing. DESIGN SOLUTION This lovely 2-story town home suffered the ...
Historic Stick-Style Victorian

Historic Stick-Style Victorian

Centoni Exteriors

Style: Victorian, Stick-Style Builder: Cranston and Keenan Building Type: Single-Family Residence Year Built: 1890 Sq. Ft.: 2,500 Location: Haight, San Francisco, CA CLIENT GOALS This spectacular Victorian was built in 1890 for Joseph Budde, an inventor, patten holder, and major manufacturer of the flush toilet. Through its more than 130-year life, this home evolved with the many incarnations of the ...
Haight Street

Victorian Seismic Upgrade

Centoni Kitchens

Style: Victorian Building Type: Single Family Home Year Built: 1885 Sq. Ft.: 2,400 Location: Haight, San Francisco, CA CLIENT GOALS Seismically upgrade the 135-year-old building, voluntarily Improve interior/exterior access to the private garden Manage light flow into the kitchen DESIGN SOLUTION Bringing the outside, in Centoni partnered with our clients to seismically evaluate and incorporate voluntary structural upgrades into this ...
Late Victorian Remodel - Lower Haight/Duboce Triangle

Late Victorian Remodel

Centoni Whole House

Style: Victorian Building Type: Condo – 6 units Year Built: 1900 Sq. Ft.: 1,200 Location: Lower Haight/Duboce Triangle, San Francisco, CA CLIENT GOALS The floor plan of this beautiful Victorian flat remained largely unchanged since 1890 – making modern living a challenge.  The client sought to resolve a number of issues: The living room and kitchen were separate rooms with ...